BADASSBBQ Dry Rub 5% Magic Voodoo Beef 200g

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When it comes to the richness and complexity of beef you need a big, bold rub that is going to complement that flavour without being overpowering.

Our Voodoo Beef rub is a unique blend of coarse savoury spices that’s heavy on salt and black pepper with just a bit more heat. Whilst this is not a sweet rub by any means, we’ve balanced out the savoury with a touch of sugar and some honey powder which offers a woody sweetness and aroma.

Apply this rub liberally on any low and slow cut like brisket, short ribs or for hot and fast steaks and burgers.

Made with 5% Voodoo!

From the team that bought you award winning BBQ Injections including the worlds first Lamb Injection, BADASSBBQ are excited to finally release three new BBQ Rubs – Voodoo Beef, All Purpose Alchemy and White Wizardry.

As the names suggest, all our rubs are formulated with at least 5% Magic.


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