BADASSBBQ Dry Rub 5% Magic White Wizardry 250g

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This white rub has been a long-kept secret at BADASSBBQ and we contemplated not releasing BUT, we also strongly believe that if you live within a community you gotta give back from time to time, right?

When developing this rub, we had one thing in mind – Umami, that elusive 5th taste note that is always hard to describe. What you can expect here are flavours that have been dialed up to the max;  almost to the point of it being slightly out of balance – but this is where the magic lies.

Apply this rub evenly on any kind of protein or use it as base layer when building your flavour profile. Alternatively, you can add a pinch to your own rub to add that secret little kick.

Made with 5% Wizardry!

From the team that bought you award winning BBQ Injections including the worlds first Lamb Injection, BADASSBBQ are excited to finally release three new BBQ Rubs – Voodoo Beef, All Purpose Alchemy and White Wizardry.

As the names suggest, all our rubs are formulated with at least 5% Magic.


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