Dizzy Pig BBQ Pineapple Head.


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Inspired by a grilled pineapple recipe that leaned heavily on cloves and cinnamon, Dizzy Pig BBQ whipped up this perfectly sweet pineapple rub to complement the more tropical side of life. With a little more heat and savoury flavour than the original recipe, the sweet tropical rub becomes the ideal complement to anything sunshine-y and seabreeze-y. Think pork ribs, bacon, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and ham. Not to mention fruit salad, pineapple and grilled peaches.

Originally intended for grilling fruit, cooks devoted to Dizzy Pig are finding more and more uses as the days go by. Kettle corn and seafood, sausage and vanilla ice cream, even pork ribs and pork. There’s no limit to the spicy goodness this rub imparts to all the finer things in life. Order up a batch for yourself and find out why our customers rave about this rub, and what makes it one of our most popular blends today.


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